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Roger Penske/ Mark Donohue TA Camaro
This is the car Mark Donohue drove to win the 1969 Trans American Road Racing Championship. It is now owned by Ken Epsman and raced in vintage Trans Am series by Jim Hague. T/A Performance Restorations was commisioned by Mr. Epsman to restore specific items on the car back to period specifications.
The car was one of 3 Camaros campaigned by Roger Penske in 1969 driven by Mark Donohue. This is the only one known to exist of the 3. It was his primary car.
Recent "light" restoration done by Ron Fournier, Roger Penske's metal fabricator in the late 60's.
This Camaro is equipped with an M-22 Rockcrusher transmission, JL-8 four wheel disc brakes and a 4:56 rearend.
TRACO/TOE Engineering powerplant in the Sunoco Camaro.
Steel Crossram hood on Penske/Donohue Camaro fabricated by Ron Fournier. It has been verified that the reinforcement webbing was cut out of stock ZL2 hood to save weight. Mark raced the car with this hood later in 1969.


The current powerplant,orginally built by TRACO Engineering in Culver City California is now currently built and maintained by TOE (Tony Otto)Engineering in Suisun California and puts out roughly 500 horsepower at the crankshaft.
A unique "design innovation" implementd by Roger Penske and Mark Donohue on this Camaro was to devise a way to cool the rear disc brakes and reduce drag. They drilled holes in the front and rear of the driver's and passenger side doors, the door jamb and the inner fender well in front of the rear tires. This allowed cool air to travel through the body of the car to the back wheels.
Penske/Donohue Camaro engine bay(Race Ready)